A Landscape
Architectural Practice


K. Dakin Design is a landscape architectural practice headed by Karla Dakin focusing on plant-driven design of landscapes, food gardens and green roofs for private residences, museums and public spaces as well as commercial projects. As a leader in the field, Dakin designs gardens that push our expectations of landscape and engage all five senses, creating places that are both ecologically sound and aesthetically resonant.




Dakin brings over 19 years of experience in landscape architecture to each venture. Her practice hinges on the understanding that each project has a unique context, both human and ecological. For Dakin, the design process is a collaboration between landscape architect, client and site: both a discipline and an art.


A Site for Creativity and Experimentation

- Stay Tuned as Work Progresses -


Welcome to Karla’s garden. An avid gardener as well as a landscape architect, she is in the process of redesigning and installing her own garden which will contain perennial and annual food crops, trees, ground covers, flowers and ornamentals. Adjacent to raised vegetable beds, a large pergola shades the dining area. This will soon be covered with flowering vines, fragrant for the most part at night. The multiple ecosystems present in this garden represent various exposures onsite: sun to shade, dry to wet. Unique features include the crevice garden, a “creamsicle” garden, and a gravel garden with rotating sculptures centered around a 100-year old apple tree.