Dakin brings over 20 years of experience in landscape architecture to each venture. Her practice hinges on the understanding that each project has a unique context, both human and ecological. For Dakin, the design process is a collaboration between landscape architect, client and site: both a discipline and an art.


A Landscape-Driven Estate



Dakin has been working on this ongoing project since 2005. The landscape has led this work. All architecture on site is oriented toward the garden, a park-like, multi-use environment that includes a walking labyrinth, restored prairie, a Japanese garden, orchard, vegetable beds, berry brambles, a croquet lawn and a charred wood outdoor shower. This permacultural paradise is home to Chickens, ducks, and bees. A complex irrigation system was designed to draw alternately from wells and cisterns. Mature trees onsite were preserved and moved to new locations.