Sonoma Ridge House

Sebastopol, CA

This second home outside of Sebastopol, CA is perched on a ridge with sweeping views of Bodega Bay. The stunning scale of this environment also provides challenges to creating the feeling of shelter - making the house a home. Dakin approached this project with sight lines in mind, placing a large boulder so that it anchors a “near” view from inside the home to balance vastness of the ridge and ocean beyond.

This attention to the owner’s perspective is also expressed through a layering of climate appropriate plants and California natives seen through the kitchen window. California evergreens such as camellias, silk tassels and madrones harmonize with existing sequoias, redwood groves and a wildflower meadow on site. The diversity of this climate zone is on display in this project, which also features succulents, Douglas fir and an olive grove. In addition to ocean weather, populations of gopher and deer on site made it necessary for Dakin to protect plant roots with baskets and select plant species resistant to deer.